A collage depicting a woman of advanced age, a racialized person reading a document, a person with long hair, and a racialized person with dread locks

Our People

Our Feminuity team consists of data analysts, researchers, consultants, design strategists, facilitators, and more. Each unique person and skill set is integral to making our mission a reality.

Traditional Proxies of Merit: We recognize that โ€œqualificationsโ€ are shaped by the characteristics and qualities deemed โ€˜valuableโ€™ by a capitalist system and often act as barriers to opportunities for people. Please assess the competence of our team based on our skill sets and character.

Rank and Hierarchy: We strive to work collaboratively and remain as non-hierarchical as possible. With this ethos in mind, our team is not featured according to seniority, tenure, or area of expertise but rather in alphabetical order, using the English alphabet, according to chosen last names.