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Reimagining Your Workplace in Rainbow: A Guide to LGBTQ2+ Inclusion for HR, People, and DEI Leaders 🌈

From policies to benefits to workplace culture, this guide provides a first-of-its-kind exploration of leading practices that will revolutionize workplaces by putting LGBTQ2+ considerations front and center.

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The Future is Inclusive, Accessible, and Digital: A Guide to Accessible and Inclusive Social Media Practices📱

This guide is a collection of our learnings about inclusive and accessible social media engagement and leading practices for digital engagement.

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Fostering Belonging Through Inclusive Accessible Remote Working Practices 💻

Equity and inclusion challenges that already exist in non-remote working often show up in new and different ways when in a virtual context. This guide explores remote office ‘norms’, gives tips for virtual meetings, explains how to foster engagement virtually, and helps you consider your teammates' varied and unique needs.

An Inclusive Approach to Holidays, Observances, and Celebrations: A Guide to Celebrating and Observing Equitably in the Workplace 📅

This resource is for leaders who want to be more inclusive in what gets celebrated and more accessible in the way they celebrate. Although this resource is timely for some, we want you to continue learning and use it throughout the year.

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Shifting Beyond a Gender-Only Approach: The Case for Intersectionality 🔀

Understanding of DEI needs to encompass so much more than singular aspects of our identity. This resource explores how to shift beyond a women-only or gender-only approach and builds the case for an intersectional approach for DEI, one that benefits everyone.

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Inclusive and Accessible Virtual Presentations 🎤

In partnership with Talent Bureau and Awaken, this is jam-packed with 35 tips to make your virtual presentations—whether you’re pitching to clients or investors, delivering a keynote, or facilitating a workshop—more accessible and inclusive.

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Prioritizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Times of Crisis: Leadership Practices That Put People First 🦠

DEI and approaches that put people first are most important during times of crisis. We’ve developed a summary of three key areas for organizations to manage when responding to crisis: Understand and Combat Discrimination, Identify and Mitigate Inequities, and Inclusive and Accessible Working Considerations.

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