Natalia Zenoni

Consultant & Facilitator

She, Her, Ella

Natalia is a bilingual Consultant & Facilitator who works with Feminuity to bring culturally inclusive perspectives to research, education, communication, content development, and facilitation. Her work emphasizes the importance of multicultural intersectional inclusion and representation for all identities.

Natalia cares deeply about dismantling social constructs that misrepresent cultural identities and the systemic inequalities that target marginalized groups. That’s why she knows it is important to identify oppressive systems and re-build more inclusive and representative strategies. For this reason, Natalia thinks it is essential to develop culturally relevant practices related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to recognize the distinct needs and relationships that exist within different countries and their unique experiences with oppression. 

Natalia has a BA in Psychology from Lindenwood University and an MSc in Cross-Cultural Psychology from Victoria University of Wellington. Her studies have helped her develop an intercultural and inclusive perspective to identify systemic inequities and re-imagine new principles and practices that respect and represent multiculturalism on a global scale. 

Natalia is a proud daughter of immigrants and an immigrant herself; her experiences are the main reason for her strong values regarding community support and her firm focus on advocating for marginalized communities. 

Natalia holds three cultural identities: Puerto Rican family, born in the US, and raised in the Dominican Republic. She is a cisgender, heterosexual, currently non-disabled Latina woman. Growing up as a Latina, Natalia understands the value of an individual’s cultural voice and the importance of creating platforms that center those voices.

Natalia is a virtual nomad that likes to spend her time learning from new cultures. Natalia loves being close to the ocean because it reminds her of home and enjoys doing some synchronized swimming tricks whenever she’s in a body of water.