Portrait of Chantal Hansen

Chantal Hansen

People Data Analyst

She, Her

Chantal is a People Data Analyst who works with organizations to support their collection, interpretation, and usage of data to inform business decisions.

With 15 years of experience in Health and Human Services, Chantal has contributed her technical expertise to the analysis of databases in child health, income inequality and living wages, homelessness, domestic violence, food insecurity, and social well-being projects. In addition, she has provided recommendations and guidance concerning technology change management, online database governance and implementation, privacy regulation and practices, intersectional analysis, and geo-spatial techniques for various national and international projects. She cares deeply about this work because important stories live in our data, and understanding these stories means solutions can be actioned more effectively. 

Chantal holds both a BA in History/Geography and a DipEd in Teaching from the University of Queensland; and an MSc in GIS from the University of Calgary.

Chantal is a heterosexual, cisgender, non-disabled, white woman guided by her quiet, principled version of humanism. 

On the weekend, you’ll find her hiking in Alberta’s Rockies, probably with an enormous punnet of grape tomatoes.