Portrait of Anne Laurence Buteau

Anne Laurence Buteau

Consultant & Facilitator (Bilingual)

She, Her, Elle

Anne works with Feminuity as a consultant and bilingual facilitator. Anne believes that DEI awareness supports people to be more conscious about their environment and respectful of differences and other cultures. 

Anne holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a Master’s degree in International Public Administration. She has nearly ten years of experience in participatory coaching of organizations in carrying out their organizational development and developing capacity-building plans for their teams. And DEI is part of that capacity building because that’s how everyone feels safe and empowered to bring their full potential to work. 

As a Black, Caribbean woman, she understands all too well how it can be challenging to be genuinely heard or seen in an environment dominated by people who traditionally hold all the power and who don't look like her. 

Anne lives in Montréal with her toddler, who she adores (most of the time).