Portrait of Steph Rebello

Steph Rebello, MDes, BA

Design Strategist (Lead)

(She, Her)


Steph is a design researcher and strategist who works with organizations to develop resilient and future-focused strategies, inclusive systems and products.


Steph focused her career on sustainability and social impact, starting in the non-profit sphere and gradually moving into the corporate sector. She saw the common denominators between sustainability, social impact, and the development of a strong diversity, equity and inclusion approach. She focused her efforts on building shared accountability for these changes and leveraging cross-functional expertise to develop equitable systems and programs.   


Steph is a practiced facilitator who believes in the power of connectivity and conversation in the face of conflicting ideologies and the need for urgent systemic change. Using creative design tools, intentional dialogue and futures-focused research tools, Steph is focused on supporting organizations in tackling the hard stuff and sustaining long-term change.


Steph holds a BA in Sociology from Western University and a Masters of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation from OCADU.


Steph is a cis-woman of colour, daughter of immigrant parents, and deeply passionate about creating spaces that invite folks to bring their full identity to the table. Outside of work - Steph is usually laughing with friends, finding an overly complex recipe to tackle, or following her tastebuds around the city of Toronto in search of the perfect bite. 

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