a photo collage depicting two racialized women giving a presentation and a white man using a laptop


Let’s consider areas of challenge and opportunity and build a strategy that is feasible, actionable, impactful, and touches all parts of your organization!

DEI Strategy Co-Design

Starting with a 2-hour working session, followed by four 3-hour co-design workshops, we’ll translate the results of your findings report into a tangible strategic roadmap that goes beyond surface-level initiatives.
1. Kick-Off Working Session: The Co-Design Process & Decentralizing Your DEI Efforts

Leave feeling confident in the safety of the co-design space and the leading practices on decentralizing DEI efforts.

2. Co-Design Workshop: Alignment and Level Setting

Leave with a team charter detailing your collective DEI Statement, vision for the future, values, working agreements, DEI definitions, and approach for the work ahead.

3. Co-Design Workshop: Ideation and Strategy.

Leave with a short list of initiatives for each strategic priority, and preliminary owner for each strategic priority. 

4. Co-Design Workshop: Prioritization & Managing Change.

Leave with prioritized DEI strategy, a roadmap detailing the first phase of action, and a list of change-management tasks to propel the work forward

Targeted Co-Design

Whether it’s for an element of your DEI strategy or something else, Targeted Co-Design sessions focus on developing specific policy, program, or products for your organization.
Policy, Process, & Program Design

We help you craft inclusive and accessible in-person and remote working policies addressing harassment, discrimination, caregiving, and beyond—designing solutions across all stages of the employee lifecycle.
Product, Service, & Experience Design

From technology platforms to in-person and virtual events and conferences, we help you deliver accessible, inclusive, and valuable solutions to a wider range of people, customers, and users. Through design exercises, we help you grasp things from new perspectives, such as religious, cultural, caregiving, mental, and physical needs.
Marketing, Media, & Communication Design

We can help you better reflect your people and customers’ voices, connect with unacknowledged and underserved demographics, and develop a brand that elevates aspiration for social justice.