A collage depicting a woman of advanced age, a racialized person reading a document, a person with long hair, and a racialized person with dread locks


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Three people engage in conversation around a table in a modern office setting.

Invest in People and Culture Through Good Times and Bad 💝

Diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts are key tools for cultural resilience during economic uncertainty.
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Three people engage in conversation around a table in a modern office setting.

New Year; New Approach to Workplace “Wellness”

You’re not alone if your organization’s “wellness” initiatives are not making you feel all that well.
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Three people engage in conversation around a table in a modern office setting.

Ready to Level-UP? Our Latest Digital Learning Solution is Here 🚀

Learn about Feminuity’s high-impact and budget-friendly digital learning solution. Be an organization every team member is proud to share about on LinkedIn.
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Three people engage in conversation around a table in a modern office setting.

A More Intentional Approach To Workplace Holiday Planning

This holiday season, consider less comfortable narratives and upgrade your practices to be more equitable.
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Three people engage in conversation around a table in a modern office setting.

Antisemitism: A Missing “ism” from DEI 📢 ✡️

Get up to speed on antisemitism and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).
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A woman of advanced age sits in bed cross-legged using a laptop. She is wearing a towel on her head having presumably just showered and under-eye patches. A cat watches her.

Beyond Period Perks: Supporting Team Members Experiencing Menopause

Leaders can take a more thoughtful approach in supporting team experiencing common bodily experiences like menopause.
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A Jewish family gathers together around a table

Support Jewish Team Members At Work As They Observe High Holy Days

Developing Jewish cultural competency and recognizing non-dominant holidays, celebrations, and observations matters.
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A hot air balloon with the British flag floats in the sky

Truth and Reconciliation and The Queen: A Tale of Many Stories

Let’s talk about building bridges between those who benefited from British Rule and those who didn't.
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A young man checks in on a man of advanced age as he lays in bed resting

Let’s Make a Care-Centred Culture The Norm 🫶🏻🫶🏽🫶🏿

Caring about caregivers gives companies an edge and team members relief.
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A man holds the hands of a woman in a wheelchair

Accessibility Should Not Be An Afterthought ♿️

This Disability Pride Month, it’s time to get proactive and tactical about accessibility.
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A Canadian flag blows in the wind. In the background is a beautiful mountain, lots of green trees, and a bright blue sky.

We Have More Work To Do Before We Can Bring Out The Fireworks

Let’s double down on our efforts so everyone can be proud to call Canada home.
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Two Indigenous people looking down

Pride and Decolonization: This Month and Every Month 🧡 🌈

We can’t disregard our obligation to our Indigenous and LGBTQIA2+ fellow humans.
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Two people of advanced age meditating and doing yoga

Leaders Must Centre Team Member Well-Being In These Turbulent, Traumatic Times

Let’s challenge “business as usual” in the name of empathy and equity.
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A woman holds up a sign that says my body my choice.

How the Potential Overturning of Roe v Wade Impacts Your Team

Organizations must seize the power they have to mitigate harm and inequity as much as possible.
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Two lesbians holding hands

Let Lesbians Exist on Their Terms, Not Yours

Inclusion should be at the centre of how we think about lesbian identity.
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A menstrual cup spilled on pink background

Let’s Support Team Members As They Endure Common Bodily Experiences

Like anything, if we want to do it, we need to design for it.
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A woman looking frustrated

Why are CDOs and DEI Practitioners alike Burning Out?

This work hits close to home for those who care deeply.
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An Asian woman, a Black woman, and a white woman standing in a line looking to the right

Go Beyond the “Default” Woman in Your #IWD Efforts

Promoting equity for women is more than just upending sexism.
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A Black woman riding the subway, reading the newspaper, wearing a mask.

How Can We Support Ourselves and Others During Times of Social & Political Uncertainty

Organizations need to adjust their expectations in line with reality.
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Two racialized women working together using a laptop.

RFPs Are Often Inequitable, But They Don't Have To Be 📝

Here’s how we can better request and respond to proposals.
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A racialized individual covering his mouth with his hands.

Is Dropping an F-Bomb in the Workplace Unprofessional?

Swearing should call out inequity, not create it.
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A young person sporting a bright orange jacket.

It’s Time To Re-Think Your Outdated Dress Codes

Reimagining dress codes can help your team live out loud in the workplace.
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A man is using a marker to draw on a glass wall while two others watch. It looks like they are making a plan.

In 2022, Let’s Get Ahead of Injustice, Not Just Continue to React to It

We must be active co-creators in the world and workplaces we want.
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This latte art depicts a heart.

Everyone Experiences The “Holidays” Differently ☃️🏝️

Acknowledge and validate non-dominant experiences into your plans.
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A man and a woman engage in conversation. The woman is writing in a notebook.

Do Your Surveys Centre Intersectionality and Decolonization?

Surveys can be a powerful tool to advance DEI efforts (when done right.)
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One man is holding a baby while another man checks the baby's temperature.

This Profound Time of Change Offers Us an Opportunity to Design a Better Workplace

Work models must consider the human condition and centre equity.
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A Black man, a white man, and a racialized woman taking a selfie in the street.

Inclusive Language Is About Care, Not "Political Correctness"

The workplace is becoming increasingly diverse and globalized; let’s embrace it.
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A large man using a laptop in a workplace setting

Are Your DEI Efforts Inclusive of The Many Shapes and Sizes of Bodies?

Making the workplace work for team members of all shapes and sizes is rarely included in DEI strategies.
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A large man using a laptop in a workplace setting

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a Team Sport ⚽️ 🏀 🏈

A single person rarely has the bandwidth, skill sets, or entire expertise needed for this work.
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A woman sitting on the couch smiling with a laptop in her lap

How Are You Supporting Your Immigrant Team Members Working Remotely? 💻 🌎

Redefining remote working for immigrant professionals and how to support them as team members and organizations.
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A Black woman putting on a mask.

Promoting Wellness Means Dismantling Inequity

For so many, wellness platitudes will never address the systemic disadvantages they face.
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An Indigenous man standing by a lake and mountain

Consider Waiting To Celebrate Your Country Until All Are Proud To Call It Home

We’ll continue to put aside the fireworks, not because we don’t love our country, but because it has yet to learn to love so many others.
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A Black man smiling with a rainbow behind him

Supporting Sexual and Gender Diversity in the Workplace During Pride & After 🌈

It’s time for some thoughtful disruption and commotion around being more inclusive today, tomorrow, and every day after that.
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An Indigenous woman standing on a mountain

Parade & Protest, Celebrate & March

In June, we can celebrate revolution and liberation while also laying claim to the political histories and ongoing violence.
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A bridge over water

Building Bridges Towards a Collective, Liberated Future

Building bridges asks us to go further and engage in messy, emotion-filled, complex conversations.
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A frustrated racialized man

“Hey Team, Check Your Human At The Door!” 🚪

Organizations that understand the relationship between the personal, political, and professional are better equipped to lead happy, successful teams.
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A white woman and a Black man walking together

We Can’t Call Ourselves Allies 🛑

“Ally” is not a button or pin that we can wear. It’s not an identity, either. Allyship is a verb, and an ongoing practice.
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A sign that says self care isn't selfish

Time to Reassess Your Approach to Mental Health 🧠

We’d like to share a few ways to be more inclusive and equitable in supporting your teams’ mental health needs.
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Asian women holding signs at a protest

How to Support Your Asian Team Members

*Content warning: sexual assault and violence
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Three women with different skin tones wearing blazers.

Women’s History Month: Intersectional or Bust ❌

Women’s History Month is about celebrating and uplifting ALL women.
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Party balloons

Feminuity Turns Six 🎉

Celebrate with us by learning more about the importance of names.
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A Black man and woman looking into the camera

Recognizing Black Heritage Month Isn’t Enough 🗓

While we’re glad organizations are participating in BHM; recognition and celebration do not equate to respect, equity, or justice.
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A microphone

You Can’t Be Neutral in The Face of Injustice

Taking a public stance on social issues and following up with long-term action is the responsibility of every organization.
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A Black man and a white man. The white man is wearing a short that say no homophobia, no violence, no racism, no sexism.

Our Non-Negotiables for DEI in 2021

This year -- 2021 -- we must embrace a proactive and intersectional approach before the headline.
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