Portrait of Rebecca Heaton

Rebecca Heaton, MMJC, BA

Inclusive & Accessible Communications Lead

(She, Her)


Rebecca is a writer, storyteller, investigator, and feminist who works with Feminuity to implement inclusive and accessible communication practices. She cares deeply about creating spaces that are hospitable to everyone so they can meet their full potential. It is important to have a happy, healthy society to function; it is also crucial to unlocking innovation and progress.

Rebecca believes that every individual should be in the driver’s seat of their own life and that telling a single story is not only unjust but dangerous.

Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Arts in Gender Studies, a Master of Media in Journalism and Communication, and has worked with numerous women’s organizations. She enjoys melding her communication skills and feminist lens to work with equity-seeking communities. She is particularly interested in making workplaces more inclusive to caregivers and those who don’t fit the “professional” mould.

Rebecca grew up playing sports and learned the importance of teamwork and accountability early on. She is also a proud daughter of a powerful lawyer and a caring father who pushed her and never made her feel limited by her gender.

Rebecca is a non-disabled, cisgender, white woman who wants to use her standing for good. She is constantly learning and growing, whether through formal certification or having conversations with others with different experiences.

In her spare time, Rebecca goes on long walks with her furbaby at The Brick Works, scopes out the best new Indian restaurant, or refinishes furniture. She loves taking broken, discarded things and making them beautiful again.

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