Portrait of Tara Small

Tara Small

Consultant & Facilitator (Bilingual)

She, Her, They

Tara works with Feminuity as a bilingual consultant and facilitator. Tara fuels her work in DEI by believing that the world is made up of beautiful people with beautiful minds and that learning to lean into our differences with respect benefits all.

Tara holds a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Criminology and Women’s Studies. She has supported organizations through structural changes and capacity shifts with almost a decade of experience in the non-profit and grassroots sector. Adding her inclusive and equity-based approach to processes has contributed to the growth and development of the teams Tara has worked with.

Through her personal, academic, and professional journeys, coinciding at unique intersections where she thrives as a Black woman, Tara works to empower and learn alongside folks on how a more equitable world can come to be.

Tara lives on the South Shore of Montréal and cares for her amazing West Indian parents.