A collage depicting a woman of advanced age, a racialized person reading a document, a person with long hair, and a racialized person with dread locks

Why Feminuity

Get to know a little about us, our ethos, and how we are leading the industry with our approach.

Grounded in research, focused on impact, and designed by the world’s leading practitioners.
Our suite of DEI solutions have helped 100+ companies worldwide build stronger, more inclusive organizations.
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Feminism x Ingenuity

Feminuity is the collision of an equity-driven feminist practice and ingenuity. (Learn to pronounce our name!)

feminism, n. an equity-based movement that benefits everyone

ingenuity, n. the quality of being clever or inventive

For us, 'feminism' refers to an equity-based movement that benefits everyone. Our approach acknowledges the ‘isms’ and that we must build intentional practices to deconstruct them. We believe that the combination of the two can help us build a future that brings everyone forward
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Guiding Principles

Growth Over Perfection

No one's perfect; we believe in constant iteration, building bridges, and holding space for the humanity in all of us.

Lead With Data

We know that numbers and data alone may not be enough; we use an evidence-based and data-informed approach to DEI.

Connect The Dots

We "zoom" out and engage the "big" picture to make connections in our work. We know DEI efforts cannot operate in isolation.

Push/Hold Boundaries

We challenge traditional norms and standards. We reject surface-level DEI initiatives and push for holistic approaches.

No Size Fits All

An "off-the-shelf" approach to DEI is rarely practical. We design intersectional, custom-built solutions. 

People Over Process

We have an ambitious mission, and we'll only be able to achieve it if we care about the people involved.

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