A collage depicting a woman of advanced age, a racialized person reading a document, a person with long hair, and a racialized person with dread locks

Why Feminuity

Get to know a little about us, our ethos, and how we are leading the industry with our approach.

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Grounded in research, focused on impact, and designed by the world’s leading practitioners.

Our suite of DEI solutions have helped 100+ companies worldwide build stronger, more inclusive organizations.
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Guiding Principles

No Size Fits All
An "off-the-shelf" approach to DEI is rarely practical. We design intersectional, custom-built solutions.
Build Bridges
Ask questions, get curious, and try to make connections across divides. Don't lose track of the humanity in yourself or others.
Binaries are for Computers
A binary approach to thinking leaves little room for multiple things to be true at once. Don't limit yourself; make room for nuance.
Connect The Dots
Many of the challenges we experience are actually related to larger systems. Understanding this can better influence change.
Be OK With Messy
Strong feelings or messy situations may arise and that's OK. This is where the real progress happens! Challenge yourself.
Growth Over Perfection
No one has all the answers. We're all coming to the table at a different point in our learning journey, and that's OK!

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