DEI isn't a short term project; it's a long term solution. And we're here to help you ensure your efforts really stick and track success over time.

The Feminuity Collective

Create a resilient implementation approach for your DEI efforts with the Feminuity Collective.

The Feminuity Collective is our online solution designed for DEI leaders to sustain their efforts through tools, templates, and regular check-ins. It can be paired with a suite of targeted workshops and personalized support. 
What’s Included With The Feminuity Collective:
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Workshop Options

Our workshops contain guided exercises that help you prepare or begin implementation. Select the sessions that meet the needs of your organization and implementation group. We tailor offerings based on the size and scale of those needs. 
Decentralizing DEI Efforts & Building Strategic Implementation Teams

Whether you need to build a new DEI group or re-launch or deconstruct an existing group, this workshop empowers your DEI group to design an effective, decentralized structure. Participants will explore intentional frameworks for role assignment, prioritization, and self-management
Aligning DEI Efforts with Organizational Priorities 

In this session, we explore prioritization methods to help ensure that your DEI goals are aligned and integrated with your organizational priorities. Participants will collaborate to establish a roadmap for their DEI initiatives that connect to and expands on their business goals. 
DEI Action-Planning & Prototyping 

This interactive session explores effective practices for planning and prototyping strategic DEI initiatives. Participants will develop a comprehensive work plan with implementation, action planning, and prototyping.
Measuring & Evaluating for DEI Impact

In this session, we explore leading practices for measuring and evaluating DEI efforts and leading tools and tips for developing DEI data infrastructure. Participants design short-term indicators and long-term measures for DEI strategies.