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Our flagship eLearning course, LEVEL-UP: Foundations & Practice, is the perfect foundational course for anyone at the start of their learning journey.

LEVEL-UP: Foundation & Practice

We’ve taken the 3 most popular workshops that we’ve iterated on with 15,000+ people over the last 7.5+ years and brought it online in a single course, LEVEL-UP.

Ready toLEVEL UPon diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)?

For Individuals

Participants will leave the course with the practical knowledge they need to embed inclusive and equitable practices into their new ‘normal.’

For Individuals

For Organizations

LEVEL-UP provides teams with the practical learning tools needed to sustain this learning and action long after completing the course.

For Organizations

About the course in a nutshell:

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What should I expect if I sign up for this course?

The course is a foundational DEI course that’s evidence-based, data-informed, interactive, and reflective of the global climate.

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I’m in the early stages of my DEI journey. Is that OK?

Yes! The course is suitable for anyone in the early stages of their DEI journey.

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How long will it take to complete?

It takes 1-3 hours to complete depending on your pace.

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With what technology can I access this course?

The course is available on computer, mobile, and tablet.

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We have a limited budget. Can you help us?

The course is offered on a sliding scale to meet financial constraints.

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Is the course accessible?

Our eLearning platform is compatible with support devices and the course provides transcripts for all videos, has closed captioning (CC) in English, alternative text (alt text) for all images, an accessible colour scheme, and summaries at the start and end of each module. We’re committed to improving the accessibility of the eLearning experience and we welcome feedback relating to accessibility at hello@feminuity.org.

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Do you provide participants with any resources or handouts?

The course includes a learning guide and provides participants with pre-work, in-session work, and post-work. The learning guide is full of resources and activities for those who wish to go even deeper.

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Do I receive any sort of documentation to say that I completed the course?

We provide a certificate of completion that you can include on LinkedIn or resumes, for example.

Portrait of Alex Robertson

Alex Robertson, CEOHe/Him

Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium

" My experience with LEVEL-UP was engaging, informative, challenging and, honestly, fun! I thoroughly enjoyed it. The team at Feminuity has created an accessible and relevant, of the time, educational experience. Kudos. "

Jane Riddell, President & COO She/Her


" Feminuity's training was a refreshing reminder that we have a larger commitment to our world. I enjoyed every minute of it. From my perspective, it was an invaluable investment of my time. "

Portrait of Jane Riddell
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