Portrait of KT Venti

KT Venti, BA

People Data Analyst (Lead) & Design Strategist

(They, Them)


KT is a Lead People Data Analyst and Design Strategist with Feminuity where they design, launch, and analyze quantitative research to develop data-informed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategies.

They know how important it is to be your authentic self in all aspects of life, and understand the strengths of having a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment. They know that teams are at their best when members feel truly involved and recognized. KT brings their own personal passion for DEI into every organization that they are a part of, whether professional or personal.

KT holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Laurentian University and a postgraduate degree in Research Analysis from Georgian College. 

A queer, genderqueer, neurodiverse, non-disabled, fat, hard of hearing, white human, KT spends a lot of time with their family at the dog park with their two dogs. If they’re not at the park, they can probably be found dreaming about returning to playing competitive roller derby.

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