Portrait of Gaone Matshameko

Gaone Matshameko

People Data Analyst

She, Her

Gaone is a People Data Analyst who works with Feminuity to design, launch, and analyze quantitative research to develop data-informed diversity, equity and inclusion strategies.

She cares deeply about empowering people to pursue their potential and using data science to design organizations, cultures, and societies that embody the ideals of equity, inclusion, and prosperity for all.

Gaone has worked with leading Canadian companies to build high-performing inclusive teams and leverage data science to align people and business strategy for success. Her professional experience spans Financial Services, Technology, and Government sectors and board advisory in Education and Nonprofit.

Gaone holds a Master in Management Analytics from Queen’s University and a Bachelor of Commerce in International Business from Carleton University.

Gaone is a Motswana woman from Botswana. When she’s not working, she can be found mentoring BIPOC youth in STEM, taking boxing classes, exploring Toronto with friends, or travelling to sunny places.