Zachary Habayeb, BA
Pronouns: He/His/Him

Zachary Habayeb is a Facilitator and human-centred designer who works with Feminuity to deliver empathetic and collaborative diversity, inclusion, and equity-focused engagements for their clients.  As a facilitator, Zachary utilizes a variety of tools and approaches to help inspire and encourage well-represented conversations to ensures that a diverse set of opinions and perspectives are equally voiced and considered when working through often complex discussions.

Zachary cares deeply about this work because of his belief that true collaboration and employee empowerment is unlocked in an organization when unconscious biases and systemic barriers are proactively addressed and removed. He believes that people thrive in their professional and personal lives when they participate in environments that are empathic, celebrate difference, and provide opportunities to create shared understanding.

Throughout his time as a design thinking consultant and facilitator, Zachary has worked with international non-profits, LGBTQi+ agencies in Southeast Asia and multi-national businesses to help solve organizational challenges. Zachary understands what drives problem-solving, collaboration, and innovative thinking in an organization.  It starts with how well you empathize with a problem, share openly, listen deeply, and engage thoughtfully.

Zachary holds a BA with a focus on Economics and Commerce from Wilfrid Laurier University,  and an executive certificate in Design Thinking and Innovation from the United Nation’s University for Peace.

Zachary identities as a heterosexual, cisgender, able-bodied, multi-racial man.  He loves outdoor adventures that challenge him physically and mentally such as surfing, scuba diving and hiking, and exploring all the different districts of Toronto to uncover the best vegan eats.