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Why Feminuity

Get to know a little about us, our ethos, and how we are leading the industry with our approach.

Feminuity leads with an equity-driven, feminist practice to help companies produce cultures, services, and products that empower everyone and foster ingenuity. This is where we shine. Learn about our approach, impact, and values below!

Feminuity is the collision of an equity-driven feminist practice and ingenuity. (Learn to pronounce our name!)

feminism, n. an equity-based movement that benefits everyone

ingenuity, n. the quality of being clever or inventive
A venn diagram showing the collision of the words feminism and ingenuity to make feminuity.
For us, 'feminism' refers to an equity-based movement that benefits everyone. Our approach acknowledges the ‘isms’ and and that we must build intentional practices to deconstruct them. We believe that the combination of the two can help us build a future that brings everyone forward

At Feminuity, we consider over 40+ unique diversity characteristics in our practice. We strive to decolonize our thinking by integrating multicultural, non-Western, non-dominant, and Indigenous perspectives into our work. Furthermore, we believe in scaling efforts across the entire organization’s operations. If we want long-term, effective DEI efforts, we cannot put DEI and HR in a corner and be done with it. This helps us better consider those at the margins, ask transformative questions, and reimagine business as usual.

What is the impact? Everyone moves forward, together.

Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 organization, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts have a real impact and are critical to your people and profits. We know that diverse teams enable innovation, creativity, and empathy. However, diverse teams aren’t enough. Innovation and creativity only have a shot when people are empowered and feel like they belong.
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We’re learning to live our values every day.

Growth over Perfection

No one’s perfect. We’re not in the business of cancelling anyone and avoid the use of shaming in place of genuine dialogue, education, and sustainable solutions. Let’s grow together.

Lead with Data

We use an evidence-based, data-informed DEI approach. Through surveys, interviews, and an organizational review, we develop useful recommendations.

Connect the Dots

We draw from intersectional, feminist, liberatory, anti-oppression, decolonization, and trans- formative justice frameworks. We embrace accessible, equitable, inclusive design practices.

Design for Action

We’re mindful of your organization’s uniqueness and collaborate on innovative and impactful solutions. We get there may be financial constraints and that solutions must be feasible.

Push the Boundaries

We’re proud of the quality we deliver and our ability to get organizations outside their comfort zone and into their learning journey.

Keep it Real

We share “Daily Check-Ins” on Google chat. We remain open about the organization’s direction and work processes. We’re fun, firm, and maintain a “no bull shit” approach.

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