Portrait of Narmeen Hasan

Narmeen Hasan, BA

Director of Operations

(She, Her)


Narmeen is the Director of Operations at Feminuity where she manages the operational rhythm of the business, drives the company’s strategic initiatives, and helps scale the organization. She grasps the big picture, sees the details that need to be done, and is relentlessly proactive in executing it.

Narmeen is strongly driven by the power of human potential and believes in empowering people to solve our world's biggest social issues through collaboration, honest discourse, and developing tools for change.

Narmeen's personal experiences accessing services and navigating systems have given her the capacity to advocate from a place of knowledge and truth. She is an avid volunteer and community leader and has participated in lgbtqq2s+ community panels and facilitated workshops. Currently, she serves as a board member to the federal non-profit, The Dandelion Initiative, which empowers survivors of gender-based and sexual violence through grassroots initiatives and community-led action.

As a queer, Muslim, woman of colour with other marginalized identities, Narmeen is committed to an intersectional approach in everything she does while being cognizant of her many privileges and leveraging them to create lasting social change.

Outside of work, Narmeen loves to dance, meet new people, nap, nerd out on existential philosophy, and embark on spontaneous adventures with friends.

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