Portrait of Keith Plummer

Keith Plummer

Director of Research & Learning

They, Them

Keith Plummer is Director of Research & Learning with Feminuity.  Keith embraces a global and intersectional perspective in their work. Keith practices compelling compassion in their approach, synthesizing storytelling, interactive exercises, illustrative data, media, and comprehensive policy analysis to help bring about a more equitable workplace and world.

Keith brings with them an understanding that identities are never insulated from the environments a person inhabits. Discerning and navigating who you are among different communities, workplaces, and institutions can be both frightening and empowering.  Keith comes to the field of diversity, equity, and inclusion with the goal of creating spaces where people find support and flourish on their vulnerable journey toward authenticity. Keith believes workplaces succeed when policies, cultures, programs, and leadership teams value difference and create opportunities for team members to creatively infuse their difference across daily operations.

Keith holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sociology and Gender & Sexuality Studies from the College of the Holy Cross, spending their junior year abroad at the University of Oxford. While at Holy Cross, Keith ushered in policy changes making it one of the first Catholic universities in the United States (U.S.) to provide gender-inclusive housing accommodations. Following undergrad and some professional experience, Keith returned to the University of Oxford and completed their Master’s in Comparative Social Policy exploring the different ways select U.S jurisdictions recognized chosen family in workplace leaves and care entitlements. In addition to these academic qualifications, Keith is a certified senior Human Resources professional.

Keith has a longstanding passion for issues relating to LGBTQIA+ justice spending over a year conducting research and international outreach for the Digital Transgender Archive, the first online repository of transgender history. Afterward, Keith worked as an associate at Out & Equal, a nonprofit dedicated to global LGBTQIA+ workplace inclusion headquartered in San Francisco, California, where they helped create resources, facilitate training, and plan events for companies and organizations across the Fortune 500, government, and the globe. As a queer activist, professional, and scholar, one of Keith’s major goals is to replace reductive and binary thinking with the empathy and complexity embodied in the human experience.

Keith is a white, American, non-disabled, neurodivergent, non-binary and queer person. Outside of work, Keith enjoys travel, television, fashion, memoir, and socializing with friends at their favourite brunch spot or café.