Portrait of Corrin Whiteway

Corrin Whiteway, BComm

People Data Analyst (Lead) & Design Strategist

(She, Her)


Corrin is a Lead People Data Analyst & Design Strategist at Feminuity, where she supports and guides leaders to build more equitable, welcoming, and inclusive environments.

Corrin became involved in equity work during her time in the tech industry, learning from innovators about challenging the status quo and working diligently to improve every single day.  While these lessons often centered around growth, Corrin saw the clear throughline to the dedication needed to build more equitable and inclusive workplaces where employees can feel safe and supported.

She continues to apply these learnings in her work today. While working with teams who are excited to learn and grow, Corrin uses innovation and out-of-the-box approaches to educate, facilitate, and communicate the important lessons of inclusion work within the context of organizational change.

Corrin holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Ottawa and is currently pursuing a Master of Industrial Relations and Human Resources. She spends much of her free time continuing her education on intersectional feminism, anti-racism work, restorative justice, and modern social justice issues. 

Corrin is a heterosexual, cisgender, white woman and is on a life-long journey to use her immense privilege to make the world a safer and more equitable place for everyone.

When she’s not working, Corrin can be found riding her bike anywhere and everywhere, or with her nose in a library book.

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