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DEI isn't a short term project; it's a long term solution. And we're here to help you ensure your efforts really stick and track success over time.

Our Model for Sustaining Efforts Long-Term

Create a resilient implementation approach for your DEI strategy or solution. Our long-term engagements focus on building capacity for DEI across your organization and creating a sustained approach to change.

We believe DEI work is everyone’s job and when all parts of your organization are involved in implementing your DEI efforts, they become woven into the fabric of your organizational DNA. In other words, they become sustainable and resilient. 

We help you lay the groundwork for new or existing DEI efforts. Our model is designed to build the capacity of your internal team and prepare them to lead this work long-term. 

Through working sessions, customized learning (workshops, webinars up to 250 participants, and eLearning), templates, and coaching we support you to launch and implement your strategy or solution and to track success over time.

Focus Areas

Our Sustain workshops help foster a collaborative approach to DEI implementation by developing internal capacity and clear models for leadership accountability. We tailor offerings based on the size and scale of your organization and its needs.  

Decentralizing Your DEI Efforts

Collaboratively design a strategic implementation team focused on executing your DEI efforts. We match the model to the size and scale of your organization and work with you to ensure that the work is sustainable and your team feels supported. Our guided process can be completed 1:1 or as a facilitated workshop.

Action Planning & Prioritization

Establish your organization’s DEI strategic roadmap. Discover frameworks for role assignment, implementation, action planning, and prototyping. Begin planning and prototyping strategic initiatives. Learn how to communicate the strategy to the broader organization. 

Leading Practices for Measuring and Tracking DEI Success

Prepare the strategic implementation team to create clear goals and effective tools to measure and track success long term. Explore leading practices for measuring and evaluating DEI efforts as well as leading tools and tips for developing data infrastructure for DEI. Develop a process for creating long-term measures and short-term indicators for DEI Strategy. Enjoy it in a webinar (can include up to 250 participants) or an interactive workshop format!