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We believe critical questions require creative and flexible solutions.

How do you increase diversity in the workplace?
How do you build a diversity and inclusion strategy?
How do you embed equity into your processes and policies?
How do you design inclusive products?

We have three service offerings that put your priorities first and help you answer these kinds of questions.  



We help you build internal capacity with our diversity and inclusion training offerings - workshops, keynotes, roundtables, webinars, and targeted skills development programs. We’re well-versed in topics such as inclusive leadership, managing bias, belonging, inclusive language and practices, and active allyship.

We include discovery exercises, interactive partner and group dialogue, and experiential learning opportunities.  Our education offerings can be adapted for all organizational groups and teams such as senior leadership, management, product development, marketing and sales, HR/people/culture, as examples. We also customize our content for various group sizes (1-to-1, 1-to-few, or 1-to-many).

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A CDO is an executive partner who works cross-functionally to embed DEI into core business operations (recruiting, hiring, employee development, retention, product development, marketing, and physical workspaces, as examples).

We provide strategic guidance and leadership to you at any stage along your DEI journey as your “Fractional Chief Diversity Officer (CDO)”. On a monthly retainer, we provide you with the benefits of a CDO without the commitment. You can leverage us as a part-time and ‘on-call’ resource for leadership and management of your DEI initiatives. As examples, we can support you 1-on-1, 1-to-few, or 1-to-many across working sessions, coaching sessions, or phone/video calls. We can also work behind the scenes to co-develop your solutions and deliverables.

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We dig in and do the work for you. From data collection, analysis, strategy design, through to implementation – we do it all. On a project basis, we help you resolve your DEI-related challenges and develop innovative solutions. We draw on our team of subject matter experts, consultants, data analysts, researchers, facilitators, and inclusive designers to maximize our impact and create lasting change for your organization.

We consult across four core areas of a business: People & Culture; Events & Conferences; Product & Service Development; Marketing & Communications.

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