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For us, 'feminism' refers to an equity-based movement that benefits everyone and ‘ingenuity’ is defined as the quality of being clever or inventive.

Our approach acknowledges the ‘isms’ (ableism, antisemitism, ageism, classism, cissexism, settler colonialism, colourism, racism, sexism, sizeism etc.) and other forms of systemic inequity (heteronormativity, homophobia, islamophobia, misogynoir, patriarchy, transphobia, white supremacy, xenophobia etc.) exist and we must build intentional practices to deconstruct them.

The combination of the two can help us build a future that brings everyone forward. Fe-mi-nu-i-ty: Listen to our Name Drop to learn how Feminuity is pronounced.

A venn diagram showing the collision of the words feminism and ingenuity to make feminuity.

Assess: A comprehensive or targeted DEI assessment to help you understand where you are today. Our action-oriented approach will help you identify your challenges and opportunities.  Learn more!

Design: Evidence-based strategies and solutions built from the ground-up, with a user-centred approach. Our practical engagements produce customized interventions that can be embedded into all aspects of your organization. Learn more!

Educate: Foundational DEI conversations and enhanced knowledge on leading practices. Build your core skills with our webinars, workshops (in-person and virtual), and eLearning platform. Learn more!

eLearning: Our flagship eLearning course, LEVEL-UP: Foundations & Practice, is the perfect foundational course for anyone at the start of their learning journey. Learn more!

Sustain: Create a resilient approach to implementation for your DEI strategy or solution. Our longer-term engagements focus on building capacity for DEI across your organization, and creating a sustained approach to change. Learn More!

Advise: We offer advisory hours at any stage along your journey. Have an issue or question? We remain ‘on-call’ for your emergent needs. Learn more!

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