[ People are the heart and soul of our organization. ]

Our Feminuity team consists of data analysts, researchers, consultants, design strategists, facilitators, and more. Each unique person and skill set is integral to making our mission a reality.

Traditional Proxies of Merit: We recognize that “qualifications” are shaped by the characteristics and qualities deemed ‘valuable’ by a capitalist system and often act as barriers to opportunities for people. Please assess the competence of our team based on our skill sets and character.

Rank and Hierarchy: We strive to work collaboratively and remain as non-hierarchical as possible. With this ethos in mind, our team is not featured according to seniority, tenure, or area of expertise but rather in alphabetical order, using the English alphabet, according to chosen last names.

Portrait of Anne Laurence Buteau

Anne Laurence Buteau, MPA, BA


Portrait of Tania Cheng

Tania Cheng, MPNL, BES

Director of Design & Strategy

Portrait of Chantal Hansen

Chantal Hansen, MGIS, BA, DipEd

People Data Analyst

Portrait of Narmeen Hasan

Narmeen Hasan, BA

Director of Operations

Portrait of Rebecca Heaton

Rebecca Heaton, MMJC, BA

Inclusive & Accessible Communications Lead

Portrait of Keely Kavcic

Keely Kavcic, MA, BAH

People Data Analyst

Portrait of Eleni Marino

Eleni Marino, PhD (Can) MA, MA, BS

Associate Consultant

Portrait of Gaone Matshameko

Gaone Matshameko, MMA, BCom

People Data Analyst

Portrait of Keith Plummer

Keith Plummer, MSc, BA, SHRM-CP

Director of Research & Learning

Portrait of Steph Rebello

Steph Rebello, MDes, BA

Design Strategist (Lead)

Portrait of Andrea Rowe

Andrea Rowe, PhD, MPA, BA

Co-Founder and Former Chief Research Officer

Portrait of Sarah Saska

Sarah Saska, PhD, MA, BAH

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Portrait of Gordon Saska-Amin

Gordon Saska-Amin

Chief Barketing Officer

Portrait of Shane Tierney

Shane Tierney, BA


Portrait of K.J. Tommy

K.J. Tommy, BAH


Portrait of KT Venti

KT Venti, BA

People Data Analyst (Lead) & Design Strategist

Portrait of Glen Walker

Glen Walker, BSc, CPWA

Director of Accessibility

Portrait of Corrin Whiteway

Corrin Whiteway, BComm

People Data Analyst (Lead) & Design Strategist

Portrait of Natalia Zenoni

Natalia Zenoni, MSc, BA

Consultant & Facilitator

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