K.J. Tommy, BAH
Pronouns: He/Him/His

K.J. Tommy is an associate consultant who works with Feminuity to function as an interpleural activist.

Science informs us that empathy light up the insula, and observation shows us that light drives out darkness. In well-lit environments, we can see cracks and holes that are a result of the stones that the builder rejected, the deficits that are a result of failure to be more inclusive. K.J. has always recognized and detested the absurdities and injustices that make our workplaces dens of inequity. He utilizes history and narrative in oratorical, written and visual forms to unlock potential and cross-pollinate ideas that result in positive growth for business.

A graduate from the University of Toronto with a BAH in English, History, and Visual Arts followed by a post-graduate certificate in Small Business and Entrepreneurship. A Third Culture Kid as a result of growing up on three continents by the age of majority. Several years of experience in health, events, education, and cultural sectors have equipped him with a passion for all inclusion.