Our Role as a Fractional CDO

Strategic integration and long-term sustainability.

On a monthly retainer, you can leverage us as a part-time and ‘on-call’ resource for guidance and leadership for your DEI strategy and initiatives. Depending on where you are along your DEI journey, what your goals are with this work, and what resources are available, we can be fully ‘hands-on’ or ‘hands-off’, or we can be a hybrid of the two.



Hands-On Responsibilities

  • Lead and manage DEI initiatives (including the implementation of your DEI strategy), such as revising or developing policies, processes, programs, and materials in collaboration.

  • Support your leadership team through the learning process and communicate the progress and results of all DEI efforts.

  • Provide support to individual employees on all DEI-related discussions.

Hands-Off Responsibilities

  • Provide coaching and training to an internal DEI steering team to ensure they have the skill sets and resources needed to lead and manage DEI efforts long-term.

  • Support the steering team to run initiatives or implement various aspects of a DEI strategy through an advisory capacity.

  • Offer guidance to steering team members to help them navigate internal or external DEI-related issues.



How the Model Works


We review the scope of your current DEI efforts, your goals for future work, as well as your budget and available resources to determine the number of hours and level of engagement needed per month.


We structure a monthly plan that maps out the goals for the month, the tasks we need to accomplish, the value that will be created, the measures of success, and the internal support needed.


We track our working hours and share them with your team on a weekly basis and we collaborate with you at the end of each month to adjust the scope of work and align on new tasks.



Reach out to learn about our pricing.