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Our education services are grounded in theory and brought to life through real work applications. Offered in-person, remotely, and across all platforms. Choose from over 30 topics.

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First, choose your topic focus.

From how to be an active ally in the workplace to managing inclusive and accessible remote work, we have a range of conversations.

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Our webinars, workshops, and eLearning services are all available ‘off-the-shelf’ or customized. All curriculum is available anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

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  • Engaging and interactive facilitation for groups of 50 people or less
  • Offered in-person or remote
  • Content is customizable or ‘off-the-shelf’
  • Comes with learning guides and resources
  • Cannot be recorded
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  • Live instructor-led learning to groups of any size
  • Offered remote on your preferred platform
  • Content is customizable or ‘off-the-shelf’
  • Comes with learning guides and resources
  • Can be recorded for future viewing
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  • A modern and interactive learning solution for individuals or groups of all sizes
  • Can be fully customized or ‘off-the-shelf’
  • Available via mobile, tablet, or computer
  • Comes with learning guides and resources
  • Can be re-engaged at any time
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Should the courses be mandatory?

When launching any type of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) related learning within an organization, we recommend that you highly encourage people to engage with it but never mandate it. Research indicates that people often respond to compulsory courses with anger and resistance, and many participants report more animosity toward other groups afterward.

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How do you maintain engagement in virtual/remote sessions?

For workshops, we maintain engagement by implementing a cap on the number of participants (up to 50 people). Additionally, similar to an in-person session, we use tools such as Mentimeter and breakout groups to generate discussion amongst peers and use adapted versions of our group activities to ensure they are ‘remote-friendly.’

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What can we do to make sure the content is relevant to our organization?

We love working with organizations that want to customize the educational experience for their people. There are several modules, activities, and exercises that are all fully customizable. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and recommend areas tailored to your organization.

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Do you have a post-training evaluation or survey?

Yes! We give clients the chance to evaluate our session with a post-training survey. The survey is short (two minutes) and anonymous, with some metrics and some open-ends that we would send out immediately following the sessions. We recommend embedding it into your engagement platform so all engagement data is centralized on one platform.

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Can we record the workshop or webinar?

We do not allow for recordings of workshops as they are highly interactive and participants may not feel comfortable being vulnerable in a recorded space. However, we enable webinars to be recorded if this is communicated to participants in advance of the session.

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Do you offer anti-racism, anti-Black racism, or anti-Indigenous racism training?

We do not offer these trainings because we believe it’s important for practitioners who specialize in these topics to lead this work and be compensated for it. We have preferred vendors that we have vetted and trust that we can refer you to.

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