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We’ll design an action-oriented strategy to address your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) challenges and opportunities. Strategies are feasible, actionable, and touch on all parts of your organization.

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Our interactive DEI co-design sessions support you to build a strategy and roadmap while also supporting you to build internal capacity for the work.

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Through a series of co-design sessions, we’ll map out your DEI mission statement, objectives, capabilities, and constraints.

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We’ll ideate and select the solutions that will shape your strategy, and we’ll define the process to execute the strategy and track success.

If your strategy is in place, we can help you design for your specific needs:

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Policy, Process, and Program Design

We help you craft inclusive and accessible in-person and remote working policies, including work from home, harassment, and caregiving. We design solutions across all parts of the employee lifecycle and those relating to your clients and partners.

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Product, & Service, & Experience Design

We help you deliver more accessible, inclusive, and valuable experiences to a broader range of people, customers, and users. From technology platforms to in-person and remote events and conferences we invite you to consider religious, cultural, caregiving, mental and physical needs, and more.

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Marketing, Media, & Communication Design

We can help you better reflect the voices of your people internally, elevate the voices of your customer or client, reach and connect with underserved demographics, and develop a brand that promotes a social justice vision.

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