a photo collage depicting two racialized women giving a presentation and a white man using a laptop


We’ll design an action-oriented strategy to address your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) challenges and opportunities. Strategies are feasible, actionable, and touch on all parts of your organization.

Our Method

Participatory & Decentralized
Participatory methods emphasize the importance of collaborating with affected communities. We combine the comprehensive assessment insights and DEI subject matter expertise with Design Group member experiences. Our goal is to create a strategic roadmap that notes these nuances and captures the unique perspectives and ideas of the group.

We draw from intersectional feminist frameworks as well as social justice, anti-oppression, decolonization, transformative justice, and liberatory methodologies. We draw from tools in design justice, equity-centred design, accessible design, and product design inclusion. We recognize the enduring effects of colonization in how the world and workplace operate. We seek to decolonize our approach to design by challenging ethnocentrism and integrating multicultural, non-Western, and Indigenous perspectives into our approach.

DEI Strategy and Co-Design

Our design service guides your team through facilitated, interactive sessions tailored to your organization’s challenge areas with clear areas of prioritization. Starting with a 2-hour working session, followed by four 3-hour co-design workshops, we’ll translate the results of your findings report into a tangible strategic roadmap.

Targeted Solutions Design

If your strategy is in place, we can help you design for your specific needs:

Policy, Process, & Program Design

We help you craft inclusive and accessible in-person and remote working policies addressing harassment, discrimination, caregiving, and beyond--designing solutions across all parts of the employee lifecycle. 

Product, Service, & Experience Design

From technology platforms to in-person and virtual events and conferences, we help you deliver accessible, inclusive, and valuable solutions to a wider range of people, customers, and users. Through design exercises, we help you grasp things from new perspectives, such as religious, cultural, caregiving, mental, and physical needs.

Marketing, Media, & Communication Design

We can help you better reflect your people and customer’s voices, reach and connect with unacknowledged and underserved demographics, and develop a brand that elevates aspiration for social justice and directs the narrative.