What’s your focus area?



People & Culture

Embedding DEI across people and culture inside an organization is a comprehensive process and it requires a multidimensional approach. All aspects of the employee lifecycle - from recruitment, hiring, employee development, and retention - surface unique challenges with varying degrees of impact on the business. We can help you build an organization where you are able to attract and retain a diversity of talent and scale and sustain a truly inclusive culture.

Marketing & Communications

Inclusion in marketing and communications is not just a trend. It is a critical component of an organization’s evolution but it must be embedded into the core of who the brand is -- it cannot be a gimmick. We can help you elevate the voices of the full range of your customer or client base, reach and connect with underserved demographics, and develop a brand that elevates a vision for social justice and directs the narrative across industry and society.


Events & Conferences

Whether you’re planning a corporate dinner, annual conference, or leadership summit, we can help you design a truly inclusive experience and make sure your attendees feel safe, respected, and accommodated. We can help you design for everything from inclusive marketing and communications, religious and cultural needs, parenting needs, and mental and physical needs, so everyone can fully participate at your event in a way that works for them.

Product & Service Development

Inclusive design helps to embed scale and reach into your organization’s products and services and deliver solutions that are more useful and valuable to a much wider range of people. We can help you design products that meet the needs of a global and diverse audience from the start and we can help you identify gaps, biases, and inequities within your existing products and services to minimize technical, human, and reputational risks.