Our comprehensive and targeted diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) assessments help you understand your areas of challenge and opportunity and to determine where to invest your time and resources.

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[Targeted Assessments]

A targeted assessment helps you surface new insights and opportunities to advance specific areas of your organization.

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Policy, Process, & Program

Ensuring your policies, processes, and programs are inclusive and accessible is vital in creating positive employee experiences. We can assess policies, processes, and programs to help you cultivate an affirming workplace culture.

Product, & Service, & Experience

Whether you offer a product, a service, or an experience (virtual or in-person), we can enhance what you sell by identifying gaps, biases, and inequities to minimize technical, human, and reputational risks.

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Marketing, Media, & Communication

Foregrounding inclusivity, we'll help you examine your internal and external strategies and their impact through a comprehensive review of your current plans, design assets, content copy, social media activity, and more.

[Comprehensive Assessments]

A comprehensive assessment helps you assess your current DEI state and surface new insight and opportunities to advance DEI across your organization.

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DEI Surveys

Our quantitative DEI surveys allow you to understand how diverse your organization is as a whole and at every level. We help you understand people’s needs, experiences of bias and exclusion, and cultural challenges and opportunities. The survey allows your team to anonymously discuss who they are, what they think, and how they feel.

Interviews or Focus Groups

We connect with your people face-to-face to help you gain understanding beyond a statistic. We capture human experiences through in-depth interviews and focus groups to provide you with data that is rich in nuance and detail. Your people can express their perspectives in a supportive and confidential space.

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Supplementary Reviews

We review a range of supplemental materials as part of our assessment to help mitigate bias and inequity in other touchpoints such as organizational policies, processes and programs, products and experiences, and marketing and communications materials.

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Do we need a targeted or comprehensive assessment? 

Comprehensive assessments are great if you’re at the start of your DEI journey and would like to build an organization-wide strategy, or if you've been on your journey for a while and would like to assess your progress. If you’ve completed a comprehensive assessment previously and are clear on the areas you need to focus on, targeted assessments are great!

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How long do assessments take?

They range depending on the type of assessment and the size of your organization, but they usually take between 3-6 weeks!

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What makes our assessment methods unique?

We use an intersectional approach to collecting and analyzing our data, which means we can identify the experiences of those that are too often “onlys” and left out of traditional findings reports. We also combine quantitative, qualitative, and supplemental data.

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Aren’t surveys enough?  Why do you offer qualitative and supplemental reviews?

We love data and numbers, but we also know that we’re all so much more than a data point, so we add nuance and context to the data with stories and other materials to help us get a complete picture.

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Do we need to have our survey platform to do a survey?

No! We offer the use of our internal survey platform to our clients, and we also can host a survey on your existing platform. We have partnerships with organizations such as Culture Amp and WorkTango, as examples.

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