Our Approach

We are driven by data and fuelled by the cause.

We bring an evidence-based and intersectional approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion. An 'intersectional' approach takes into account people’s overlapping identities and experiences to understand the complexity of their lived experiences.

When done right, this work sparks innovation and business growth. But it is more than that; it also helps us all to be more socially conscious.

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Check out our approach at a glance.




We work with you to frame DEI work for your company, secure buy-in, and create awareness.



Through research and analysis, we help you to identify your DEI challenges and opportunities.



We help you to design actionable and achievable strategies and solutions.



We work with you to ensure your strategy and solutions are sustainable.


Here is our approach in detail. Happy reading!




Building awareness through education.
We help you develop a level of comfort with DEI and enhance your team’s foundational DEI knowledge by conducting workshops, keynotes, or webinars.

Identifying what DEI means to your company.
We help you run group activities, round tables, or "lighting talks” to identify the diversity, equity, and inclusion ‘passion’ points of your employees or customers.

Securing leadership buy-in.
We help you host conversations with leaders, present the DEI business case specific to your company, and discuss how DEI ties to your brand identity and corporate vision.

Setting preliminary DEI goals.
We help you define your preliminary DEI goals as you set out on your journey. As examples: Reduce turnover of specific employees; Remove bias from talent acquisition.




Collecting quantitative data.
We capture DEI quantitative data through our proprietary surveys. We can run our surveys through your existing feedback or engagement platforms or we can utilize one of our partnering platforms. We collect a range of data such as demographic breakdown, people’s experiences of bias and exclusion, and cultural challenges and opportunities.

Collecting qualitative data.
Survey data is one piece of the puzzle but the ‘data’ we’re trying to make sense of is about whole humans who are so much more than a statistic. We capture the human experiences through in-depth interviews and focus groups which helps us breathe life, colour, and texture into the data. We need to talk to real-life humans, face-to-face.

Collecting supplementary data.
Bias and inequity can sometimes be present within your company’s policies, processes, programs, guidelines, or materials and so may need to review of some of these things. For example, if we’re helping you to reduce turnover of specific employees, we may assess your employee handbook and parental leave policy. Or if we’re helping you to develop more inclusive marketing, we will assess your marketing collateral and brand guidelines.

Analyzing data and developing a report.
We will always use an ‘intersectional’ data analysis approach. An 'intersectional' approach takes into account your overlapping identities and experiences to understand the complexity of your lived experience. We must go beyond the ‘aggregate’ reporting style. We conduct analytics to identify statistical differences across key demographic groups and provide a detailed report with strategic recommendations.




Building a DEI strategy and roadmap.
We help you build out a simple and feasible DEI strategy and roadmap for implementation. Through a co-design process, we map out your DEI mission statement, objectives, capabilities, and constraints; we ideate and select the DEI solutions that will shape your strategy; we ensure the strategy is suited to your budget and resources; and we define the steps to execute the strategy and track success. We work to ensure a seamless transition between your DEI strategy and its implementation.

Developing policies, processes, guidelines, and materials.
We help to develop or reshape policies, processes, guidelines, and materials through a DEI lens. For example, if we’re helping you to remove bias from your talent acquisition process, we can help you develop an inclusive language guideline for your employer branding or a process for capturing candidate demographics. If we’re helping you embed inclusion into your marketing practices, we can help you update your brand identity guidelines or upcoming advertising campaign messaging.




Building in a Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) function.
We collaborate with you to ensure the successful implementation of your DEI efforts through our unique Fractional CDO advisory model. We can lead and manage the implementation of your strategy and new initiatives and we can also support you to create an internal committee to lead the work. When we build internal committees, we ensure they are reflective of a range of people and experiences within your organization and we equip them with the skills needed to lead and manage your DEI efforts.

Launching a customized education program.
Company-wide education is a critical step to ensure the sustainability of your efforts. Using your organization’s DEI data, we help you understand where people are on their learning journey and then develop a customized educational program to deepen awareness and personal growth. We help you to build internal capacity with our workshops, keynotes, roundtables, webinars, and targeted skills development programs. We’re well-versed in topics such as inclusive leadership, managing bias, belonging, inclusive language and practices, and active allyship.