Associate Consultant
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Amy is a JD/MBA candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School and Schulich School of Business of York University. She graduated from Queen’s University with a BAH in Global Development and a focus in Gender Studies. Her education centred around Black Feminist Thought, Indigenous Studies, and Race Theory.

She believes the corporate sector is the most impactful place that theory and praxis of equity-based thinking can converge to create a more humane world.

Inclusion means nothing without influence. Unless we push to centre the voices and experiences of those who have been relegated to the periphery, we will be fated to repeat our old systems of inequity.

We must invest in creating environments where everyone can do their best work no matter who they are or where they are. Together, we can build industries where diversity of identity is not a quota, but a celebrated part of life.

Amy identifies as a cisgender, heterosexual, able-bodied Asian woman. When she’s off the clock, Amy enjoys reading, writing, ballet, and playing video games. Her favourite writers are Patricia Hill Collins, Audre Lorde, bell hooks, Franz Fanon, and Gloria E. Anzaldúa. She is an activist who will continue to march, demonstrate, and lose her voice until there is equity for all.