Whether as a thought partner at the start or as extra support later on, we work with you to build your internal capacity for DEI and remain ‘on-call’ for all your emergent needs.

A photo collage depicting a woman with a shaved head talking on the phone, two racialized individuals having a conversation at a picnic table in business wear, and a racialized woman leading a presentation

How does it work?

Call Us, Beep Us If You Want To Reach Us
We remain on-call as emergent DEI issues and needs come up.

Full Access
You will have access to the entire Feminuity team, including leadership, subject matter experts, consultants, people data analysts, researchers, facilitators, inclusive designers, and more.

All The Goodies
We will provide resources, templates, feedback, and coaching to support you to launch and manage initiatives and track success over time.

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